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Quality Control
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There is 2-3years warranty because of defective material and process(the guaranty is optional base on different products) since the date on purchasing from Unique.Once confirming the product is damaged, we'l maintain or replace the defect during the guaranty period.

The natural factor,accident,misuse,fault,random modify is out of guaranty. It's also not including the incorrect operation and maintain, power with fall short of connecting voltage or damged by unauthorized institution and person during maintain.

What does UNIQUE do to ensure high quality of product?

1. Selected LEDs/ COB (chip on board LED arrays): 
Unique is honored to work with Cree/ Bridgelux/ Everlight/ Edison/ Epistar on our various products. Only top quality LED direct manufactures and trustworthy suppliers that meet the desired and/or required design specifications would be selectively considered. The LEDs are tested for chromaticity (color) and luminous flux (brightness) and then sorted before package (binning) ready to use as per the product application requirement.
2. Thermal management:
-- Unique engineers its products with quality and durability as a top priority. Careful design and consideration goes into designing the appropriate thermal management system to more than adequately handle the heat that is generated at the LEDs and LED driver electronic components to prevent damage and premature failure. 
-- HEAT SINKS are developed and made for each application to maximize the surface area for maximum cooling action. 
-- Specific thermal greases and thermal tapes are used to bridge the path between LEDs/ COB and heat sinks for better heat dissipation.
All of these considerations are made for current and future products in development to make sure that LED performance degradation is minimized over long use of lifetime. 
3. Electronic circuit design:
The PCB (printed circuit boards) are laid out to optimize the available space as well as maintain operating efficiencies. The constant current circuit design is to prevent products from damage caused by unstable input voltage. Some PCBs use FR4 circuit boards while others use aluminum boards when necessary. i.e. all series of T8 tubes are using aluminum PCBs for better heat dissipation. Besides, the serial-parallel connection ensures the fact that all other LEDs are still working once one led fails.
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